Welcome to damselfly graphics and design. I'm a versatile graphic designer with extensive experience in:
  • Branding and logo design
  • Creative and original graphics
  • Design and prep for vinyl and screen printing
  • Vectorization, pre-press, and color separation
  • Web design
Please allow me to introduce myself.


I'm Dave. I'm an absolutely amazing graphic designer and I would love to help you with your next project. Let me tell you a little about myself.


My design workhorse is definitely Adobe Illustrator. I've been excitedly reading update and feature notes as every new version has been released since version 9. I know more hot keys than most people know features in that program. Illustrator is pretty much an extension of my fingers. Photoshop is my next weapon of choice. It's what I've been using the longest. My specialty is making Photoshop do things most people don't realize it can do. Things like color separation, and saturation adjustment to accommodate for dot gain. I've been using InDesign since it was PageMaker and my greatest accomplishments with it often hinge on my ability to use it in association with the rest of Adobe's products. I learned to write html and css manually before there was a worthwhile web design program and have always used DreamWeaver and Frontpage a little grudgingly because they can do what I can do so much better and easier. But I love them for the same reason. Lately I've really enjoyed playing with the features of Acrobat and am doing my best to learn Flash.

Being intimately connected to computers to make my art, I've also gotten pretty good with the non-artistic aspects of them. I'm very proficient with hardware and have built my last few computers. I'm also handy with networking and troubleshooting. I've worked extensively in both Mac and PC environments. I've repaired PC and printers professionally. I'm good with the Office Suite and can quickly learn any other program that's thrown at me.

My non digital art skills include pushing a pencil around a paper. I've dabbled in various other mediums including paper mache, sculpting, papercraft, origami, and sewing. I'm also an occasional part-time wedding photographer.

I also pogo stick better than anyone you've ever met.


Although art has always been a huge passion of mine I wasn't too much of a "drawings on the fridge" kind of kid. I liked my art to have a use. When my sisters would rope me into playing house I'd be the mailman and spend the whole time designing postage stamps. Instead of playing video games I'd design characters for them. But my favorite was drawing mazes. Complicated mazes that weaved in and out of each other with over and under and loops. I was obsessed with the complexity of the intertwined lines. From there it moved to geometric design and fractals. My most cherished toys were my Spirograph and my Lego. And a lot of the time I'd just use my Lego to build huge armies to line up in formation. I just love clean lines and eye catching patterns. Discovering Celtic knotwork in high school was like walking into a dream world made just for me.

Things just kept building from there as I moved from loving to learning. I quickly became entranced by the tools of the trade. Photoshop and web design, lots of html and css, then InDesign and Illustrator. I took every opportunity to use what I learned. Newspaper and yearbook layout in high school. Personal websites, websites for my hobbies, websites for local nonprofits, websites for clubs in college. Fliers for church activities, for friends' parties, for campus events, for everything. And then came the paying gigs! More websites, this time for the local newspaper. Layouts for product catalogues, designing and preparing art for t-shirts, pens, mugs, and anything else you can slap a logo on. Running a sign shop making all sorts of intricate light up, raised text, and glowing signs for major banks and credit card companies. All the while pulling in a bit of freelance on the side doing company branding, promotional posters, and whatever else needed the touch of a master designer.

Design is the thing I never get sick of. It's calming and exciting at the same time to create and beautify. It is, in a very real and true way, my passion.